Founder Director

Mr. Anil Sahebrao Patil

A well known personality in sheet-metal industry in India. Responsible for setting up 100% Indigenous sheet-metal Die shops, on a green field basis, one of which has grown to be the best in the country,

Mr. Patil's humble beginnings are back in 1980, when he started working as a Press Shop engineer at Mahindra and Mahindra's Kandivli plant. From 1982 till 1991 he served as a Press shop manager in Mahindra's Nasik Press shop manufacturing sheet metal stamped parts and their assemblies for automotive body, and chassis.

In 1992 Mr. Patil went to Japan for one year of extensive training in Fuji Technical, Japan in Die Manufacturing. Upon returning he worked as a Production shop manager and started making dies in India with whatever infrastructure was available at his disposal.

In 1996 he was bestowed upon by Mahindra's senior management as a Founder Manager of Mahindra Die Shop Nasik, leading project implementation team within the company. Again he was deputed to Japan to co-ordinate Die shop project activities, machines and equipment buy-off, installation, commissioning and start-up of machines at Nasik, training freshly recruited engineers etc.

Mr. Patil worked as a Die shop head at Mahindra Die Shop Nasik, India from 1997-2003.

From 2003-2006 He served as a Vice President in Bharat Forge, Mundhwa, Pune facility; manufacturing Dies for Hot Forging.

In 2007 Mr. Patil established a Greenfield die shop near Chakan, Pune for designing and manufacturing of sheet metal dies. He served their as Divisional head, and as an Engineering Consultant providing his know-how to the company till 2020.

Having more than four decades of sheet-metal tooling experience, and having established very strong and deep contacts in the tooling industry, globally as well as in the sub continent Mr. Patil started working as a free lance consultant since 2020, providing technical as well as business development solutions to various tool rooms in the country.